the bride got reckless (the 3rd indiegogo song)

Hi, my friends..

I think I would have written this song even if I hadnt had an Indiegogo campaign with a perk where you could get your own individual song, because as it happens, the first time I saw this wedding photo from my friend Pamela, the line the bride got reckless went through my head. I wrote it down in a notebook and then spent a few years trying to write the rest of the song.

It had to be a really good song, because she loves music a lot. Its because of her that I got to see Beck from the front row she stood in line all day (I almost didnt go because I had a cold; she convinced me by text; Im forever grateful).

Theres a lot I could say about this person, but the best of it went into the song. What I left out is that she was my fan before she was my friend, and that after Katrina she wrote me one of the emails that got me through that time, telling me how listening to my record was getting her through. Its funny how people hold each other up and sometimes dont even know. Shes driven me to the hospital and shes stood in the front of my shows.

And her Christmas tree is red and white like a peppermint, with red white ornaments, because shes the biggest White Stripes freak on the face of the planet.

Heres to friendship, and heres to Pamela and Ryan.

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