A Girl, Her Dog & Her Record: Indiegogo go-go-go

dear everybody,

i’m excited and totally nervous, just to keep it real, about what i’m about to tell you. this is the first time i’ve done this and it’s a big deal. i’ve been working on it for a while.

here it is: i’m making a new record (my sixth) (and that’s not what’s putting butterflies in my tummy, i love making records, i’d spend my whole life in the recording studio if i could)
i’m launching an indiegogo to raise the funds for the record. (CUE BIG DEAL!!!!)

what’s an indiegogo?

it’s a fundraising platform, like kickstarter, where you or i or the community garden in your neighborhood or whoever can raise funds to support our endeavors.

my team & i have worked till our eyes cross to put together some REALLY REALLY supercalafragaliciousexpialadoshus reward packages. i’m excited. (along with bleary, nervous, and over-caffeinated.)

we have 60 (sixty. SIXTY) days to reach our fundraising goal of $7500. (or maybe even exceed it. we live in our wildest dreams over here in alexandraland.)

please take a second (actually 3 minutes, 49 seconds) to watch the beautiful video my talented comrade & longtime musical mate sam craft made.


please help us out by spreading the word. pass it along. like it. tweet it. post it. pin it. blog it. sing it. speak it out loud. write it with a pen. share it how you want.


love and rockets,


ps i’ll be giving some sneak peeks (listens?) from the record on WWOZ (90.7 FM or stream it http://www.wwoz.org/listen/player/ ) at 12 Central tomorrow (Friday 3/22/13)

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